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Vitamin B17 Tablets 500mg ( prunus armeniaca ) other names: Amygdalin b17 tablets 500mg cytopharma,Amygdalin Laetrile, Amigdalina b17 cytopharma,Amigdalina Apricot, Leatrile Amygdaline, Amygdalina 500mg,Amygdalin cytopharma Mexico, Amygdalin Capsules, Amygdalin apricot seeds 500mg.

Vitamin B17 also known as AMYGDALIN is proposed to be used: 

1. As an alternative on those patients who are not candidates for other methods of conventional treatment.
2. As a simultaneous treatment with conventional therapy.
3. As a helpful treatment for those patients in remission.
4. As one more palliative for patients suffering degenerative diseases in advanced stages.


It has been widely accepted and mention that Vitamin B17 also known as  AMYGDALIN has a positive effect, even in those patients in poor condition and/or with an extensively disseminated disease. Vitamin B17 AMYGDALIN is of greater value as an antineoplastic agent alone or associated with other conventional treatments.

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